SearchMat is a new type of site search engine that works like mousemat and you don’t even have to write a keyword.
In addition, SearchMat is an entirely new source of ad inventory. Just move your cursor over the search mat to see how it works.

SearchMat makes it easier for site owners to empower their visitors with enhanced site search results that help them find exactly what they are looking for. This leads to greater visitor satisfaction and a satisfied visitor is more likely to come back.

SearchMat give users control over site search by making those search results more useful, thus helping them navigate the Internet with greater speed and accuracy.

More than half of Web site visitors use search to find products and services. Guide visitors to the most relevant content by enabling them to refine search results based on product attributes. SearchMat, onMouseover site search is simple and fun, a full-text indexing search engine.

In addition, by using SearchMat, you create more page views per visit, reduce leakage, and create an incremental revenue stream outside of your current monetization.

Publishers, Add SearchMat To Your Website Or Blog.
Put SearchMat on your site to give your users a more fun and intuitive Web site experience and then profit from the new inventory with SearchMat. No software to install or maintenance required. Works with any website and blog.

Quick & Easy Implementation: Simply copy and paste HTML code onto your site. That’s it. No programming required!