Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today announced a new 240×320-pixel SOG (System on Glass) panel that is the highest-resolution qVGA LCD of its kind in the industry. Also announced was a next-generation backlight developed jointly by Samsung Electronics and Samsung Corning Precision that employs an advanced new design. In addition, Samsung unveiled the industry’s first 19-inch-wide LCD TV panel. These announcements were made at the Society for Information Display (SID) exhibition being held this week in Seattle.

Along with its new product announcements, Samsung also reported it has begun mass production of its recently introduced 46-inch LCD TV panel.

“Samsung will continue to invest in the development of LCD panels for the TV and mobile markets, where demand has been growing significantly,” said Dong Hun Lee, executive vice president of Samsung’s LCD Business. “Our strategy for success in the LCD market emphasizes our technical skills and mass production capabilities. In the mobile market, our emphasis is on breakthrough optical performance through sharp, vibrant displays.”

The new high-resolution SOG LCD panel, which integrates the driver IC, memory and power IC components into the glass, features Samsung’s latest design achievements. To create this 2-inch qVGA panel, Samsung developed digital circuitry performing faster than 5MHz, while also building analog circuitry into the glass whose accuracy is below 20mV. Eliminating the need for separate components cuts development time, reduces cost and enables the ability to build thinner displays.

The introduction of this 2-inch panel came just six months after Samsung rolled out its 2-inch qCIF (140ppi) SOG panel, demonstrating the company’s momentum toward overcoming the 200ppi resolution barrier that has been a key technical challenge in the LCD panel industry.

The new-generation backlight introduced today employs new technology that can reduce the number of backlight lamps required in one panel from as many as 40 units to just one, thus lowering material costs by up to 30 percent.

In its SID booth, Samsung will showcase 30 of its most advanced products. These include the new SOG LCD, a 2.2-inch mPVA panel and a 57-inch LCD TV panel that is the largest in the world. The company continues to lead in the development and first mass production of breakthrough LCD TV panels such as the 19-inch-wide panel introduced today and the 46-inch panel now being produced in volume.