Wireless access is on fire in 2020. In a time when social distancing is forcing everyone to change our behaviours in work, study and play, we are relying much more on the internet and more specifically wireless access to connect and do things. Without it, we could do what we need to do and we are all more isolated than ever before.

As more people access wireless networks from wider distances, it is going to need a robust network solution to deliver the performance needed.

Cambium Networks has been providing wireless solutions around the world for decades. They are the company that provides wireless connectivity from 2 meters to 200 kilometers. They can help connect people from up to 200 KM away (150 miles). This is probably too powerful for most, but with that available power, you can see how it can make all the difference in high-demand situations.

Even for the less demanding users, the technology is not overkill. Why? It delivers highest performance with easier management, critical security protection and affordability. This type of high-performance network solution is within reach of just about everyone.

Imagine this…Thousands students are outside anywhere around the campus, others are in their cars in the parking lot and they are all accessing a secure and fast wireless network to learn and collaborate. No need to be confined to the classroom walls anymore!

Imagine waking into a public wireless network and have a special private secure access bubble to automatically connect you to the network. Surfing the internet on public WiFi just became a no-brainer and will not expose you to hackers.

Imagine you are working from multiple office buildings and can seamlessly access your network wherever you go. Freedom to move and work wherever and whenever you want with the best performance.

Imagine working on some remote location like a mine, oil field or large outdoor area with full access to the wireless network. You are no longer tethered to a wire or having to be closer to a wireless network device.

Cambium does all that.

There are a lot of wireless vendors providing connectivity to the internet. For the most part, it does the job. Fast forward to today when performance, scalability, security and reach have become mission critical, to most people, you may need a better solution to deliver on expectations. And you will want it all to be easy to implement, manage and affordable!

Beyond the big performance gains, Cambium cloud-managed solutions make access to wireless easy to manage, monitor and optimize, in realtime. For channel partners, you can finally rest assured that you can deliver top performing wireless network access to your clients and make more money.

Much is happening in the networking space as demand on wireless access continues to accelerate. Wireless access is not only for urban settings. Everyone needs it and needs it now. With students learning and people working remotely for the foreseeable future, it seems like a strong growth opportunity for the channel.

Check out our eChannelNEWS interview with the company and contact them if you want to learn more: https://www.cambiumnetworks.com/partners/