The pandemic continues to force most employees to from home. Even as businesses reopen, many will most likely continue to work remotely. Most businesses will be challenged to effectively manage their employees remotely.

This opens a unique opportunity for VARs and MSPs to help their clients, who are struggling to navigate this new business environment. Your clients have suddenly lost visibility into what their employees are doing all day, but you can help!

Statistics show that even without an imminent threat from illnesses like the corona virus, companies would do well to prepare for the ever-increasing proportion of employees who work remotely.

According to a pre-pandemic analysis by Flexjobs and Global Workplace Analytics, there has been a significant upward trend in the number of people who now work remotely. Figures indicate that there was a whopping 91% increase in remote workers in the last decade, and the pandemic has put this trend into overdrive.

FlexJobs further notes that many companies report that allowing employees to work remotely can lead to lower operating costs. Workers say that an improved work/life balance decreases their stress levels, increases their morale, and strengthens their job satisfaction.

However, it’s no secret that the top time wasters for employees are reading the news websites, checking social media accounts, chatting with co-workers, and searching for a new job. In fact, studies show that some employees are only on-task and genuinely productive for an average of fewer than three hours a day… and that’s before the pandemic!

So, the big question? How can companies maintain full visibility of the workforce when an increasing number of their employees are working from home?

The answer can be to help your clients with an Employee Activity Monitoring Software.

It’s clear that the pandemic has brought new challenges and new levels of stress to business owners that no one even thought of just a few months ago. Your clients are struggling with business slowdowns and no visibility into what their employees are doing. Help them to solve one of their biggest headaches.

It’s simple… Advanced employee monitoring systems produce customizable employee activity reports that can be viewed online or emailed, so supervisors have the clarity they need to manage effectively and maximize productivity.

It’s critical for a business owner to know who’s working hard and who’s hardly working. Dailey and weekly reports and dashboards can show that Mary spent 31.2 hours actively working in the accounting application and 3.4 hours on Facebook. Conversely Dave spent 12.6 hours playing Plants VS. Zombies and only 11.4 hours in the accounting application.

Veriato’s employee monitoring solutions are easy to use and allow managers to record and review anything and everything workers do on their PCs, Macs, Chromebook and Android devices. These solutions are centrally managed and endpoint agents can be deployed remotely to physical or virtualized devices. Organizations can customize the solution to fit their requirements by controlling what is monitored and what isn’t.

Just as important the software can monitor if data security procedures are being follow by remote workers! In an era of increased cyber attacks, this is good information to know.

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