Printronix Inc. the leading integrated supply-chain printing solutions
manufacturer, today expanded the world’s top-selling line-matrix printing
platform to include a high-definition printing solution. Created as a cost-
effective alternative to Windows-based laser printing applications, the
new P7000HD series is optimized for graphics printing demanding the highest
reliability. It is the only line-matrix printer available in the market
today that can operate seamlessly in a Windows environment and emulate all of
the fine details required for TrueType fonts, fine print, logos and bar

“Since 1974, the No. 1 reason customers choose line-matrix printing
technology is reliability; now they can access high-definition printing at a
fraction of the cost of laser or serial printing,” said Andrew V. Scherz,
director, line matrix, Printronix. “The P7000HD produces the sharpest and
highest-quality images ever produced by a line-matrix printer.”

Printronix designed the P7000HD for applications typically found in
manufacturing, banking, distribution and transportation environments, such as
the printing of reports, bills of laden, multipart forms and bar-code labels.
The P7000HD features 11-mil (.28mm), fine-point hammer tips that print at
least 180 by 180 dots per inch (dpi). This resolution rivals the print
quality of laser printers at a fraction of the operating cost.

Printronix developed the P7000HD as a direct result of evolving printing
environments and user needs.
Many users of existing line-matrix technology rely on hard-coded
applications targeted for a specific printer. This method of hard-coding
applications is diminishing, however, as programmers favor Windows-based
tools and their virtually limitless array of fonts, sizes and graphics.
Although easier to use, this method is expensive because Windows-based laser
printers and their costly consumables are being used for print applications
more suitable for line-matrix printing.

Printronix offers the cost-and-application solution to this industry
dilemma with the P7000HD.
“The P7000HD provides all of the necessary print resolution and system
capacity to drop straight into these typical laser environments without any
application modifications or special accommodations, using Printronix
Microsoft-certified Windows drivers,” Scherz said.

The new P7000HD series is part of Printronix’s P7000 line-matrix platform
and carries forward Printronix’s Leadership By Design tradition, the
company’s 30-year history of leading marketshare by designing product
innovations. The P7000HD shares the most sought-after attributes of line-
matrix technology, including:

Highest reliability and asset protection — The P7000HD series will
perform for about 10 years under most conditions. Its patented Ultra
Capacity ribbon starts 20 percent darker and lasts longer than
Printronix’s most popular ribbons.

Lowest printing costs — The cost of ribbons is a fraction of the cost
of laser or serial matrix supplies.

Most flexible forms handling — The P7000HD can handle multipart forms,
card stock, peel-off stickers and the widest range of media.

Dynamic image quality and job control — Users know when or if there
are enough supplies for a given job and can track consumables through
the printer’s Integrated Print Management system.

End-to-end visibility — PrintNet(R) Enterprise offers the ideal tool
for IT managers to raise the efficiency of their print operations by
increasing visibility and control of print jobs