Hold on to your keyboard… Is it just me or does it seem like many “experts”, podcasts, live streams and virtual events are popping up everywhere? I thought that 150 live tech events every year was already too many. Seems like we are in for 3X in virtual events!

Well over a decade ago, when we started doing our online news media and related digital channel programs for vendors, we were constantly competing for mind-share and budget with the status-quo. Back then, the tendency was to spend loads of money on in-person channel events. It was a time when “Road Warriors” ruled the land.

Today, we are in a real-time digital feeding frenzy

Before you go digital crazy, do some due diligence. Understand the differences of each digital activity and how it impacts your business. Real news media is unbiased, factual, newsworthy and have a proper opt-in subscribers’ list. Having contacts on a social network is NOT the same as a qualified subscription list! Having a blog is not the same as a sophisticated news media portal. Posting content on a blog is not the same as e-broadcasting newsletters. People liking or sharing content is not the same as open rates by subscribers.

It takes many years of delivering newsworthy content to build trust, credibility and loyal subscribers.

Today, you need official opt-in permission for SPAM regulations. As if that was not enough of a barrier, you also need to actually get through the smart-email filters so people can actually see your message. Real digital news media organizations matters more now than ever because they already have credibility and access to a loyal subscription base. An audience that is 100% prequalified!

In our wildest dreams we could not have imagined so much shift in investment coming from vendors to digital channel development activities. Vendor-with-vendor virtual activities are on the rise as they try to present some “educational” content to prospect their partners. It’s seems like a clever marketing play to cross-pollinate their respective partner bases, but this sort of “infomercial” will not fool channel partners. Channel partners are also doubling down on their digital footprint and gearing up on their social selling skills. They are quickly realizing that they need to control their digital game to be relevant in the new normal.

“We are all witnessing a massive digital-first transformation that feels like a hyper-jump 5 years into the future”

We are also beefing out our digital game! Our Mastermind peer-group sessions and Masterclasses have all gone virtual. We saw a massive increase in eChannelNEWS subscribers and views within the past 2 months that we would have normally expected to reach over the next 2 years! We enhanced our news content with monthly virtual ChannelNEXT events.

eChannelNEWS will continue to double down on helping our channel community of over 70,000 companies to navigate this crisis and come out stronger. We are constantly connecting our community, delivering newsworthy content, sharing valuable knowledge from credible experts and generating real-time data to help our subscribers make the best decisions.

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