riteForm™ is an advanced recognition solution for processing handwritten forms on mobile pen-enabled devices. The approach is based on a key concept: forms are structured documents where fields contain specific, restricted information such as personal name, date, street address, medical prescription or driver license number. riteForm provides more powerful and accurate forms processing than currently available products due to its use of Pen&Internet’s next-generation handwriting recognition technology and assignment of customized vocabularies, data templates—or both—to individual form fields.

Under an agreement between the two companies, riteForm, Pen&Internet’s handwritten forms recognition, will be recommended by HP to its systems integrators and corporate accounts.

“HP is known around the world for its strength in imaging and printing. We are delighted to be working with HP to bring an innovative forms creation and processing metaphor to life,” said Leonid Kitainik, general manager for Pen&Internet. “This partnership marks a new opportunity for system integrators and enterprises to quickly and easily build next-generation forms applications and services for their customers.”

Unveiled yesterday, the HP Forms Automation System is an extensive offering for forms processing based on select HP LaserJet printers, HP Workflow Connect 200 and the HP Digital Pen 200. The solution is targeted to medium and large enterprises with more than 500 employees that have significant volumes of internal handwritten forms—including businesses in vertical markets such as finance, healthcare, manufacturing and organizations in the public sector.

“HP’s vision is to make the paper smart,” said Eric Chaniot, vice president of Digital Pen & Paper, Imaging and Printing Group, HP. “Thanks to the unique HP printing technology embedded into the HP Forms Automation System, we transform the paper into the cheapest and still real-time data entry device. We are basically replacing a computer screen with standard paper! With riteForm’s customizable vocabularies and high recognition accuracy, we are excited to be working with Pen&Internet to offer our customers a comprehensive, fast and cost-effective forms processing solution.”