The Service is a free way to share voice memos with business partners and colleagues. In this respect it is a social networking place. The link with recorded file can be placed in any online article, review, or may be included as a comment on such networks as Facebook or MySpace. Upon official announcement Igor Berezovsky, the company’s CEO mentioned: “We always listen and address the requests of our loyal users. The idea of online storage was born at the early stage of VR+ for Blackberry product development and was carried on by our customers. We hope that with the availability of this real time storage and sharing mechanism our present and potential users would be even more attracted to the product.”

With VR+ Online Service users can transfer and upload the recordings from their handheld where VR+ is installed and keep the recordings there for as long as they wish instead of filling up BlackBerry memory space. VR+ Online Service acts as the real-time storage facility for all of the recordings which can be shared with others, regenerated for security reasons or deleted at any time. Registration in VR+ Online Service is required; and only authorized persons may access the recordings, edit or delete them.