NextPage today released an update to NextPage 1.5—version 1.5.3. NextPage 1.5 is the only solution to eliminate ad hoc document chaos for the millions of business professionals who collaborate on Microsoft® Office documents every day—without changing the way they work. Professionals create, edit and review more than 7.5 billion Office documents annually, typically in an ad hoc manner. With this release, NextPage 1.5 brings additional control to these document collaboration problems by adding document comparisons between versions, more advanced notifications about potential version problems and tools to assist users as they collaborate on documents.

NextPage 1.5, a subscription software service, is the first to securely track document versions stored on desktops, as e-mail attachments and on servers. The service installs in a matter of minutes with no IT infrastructure and works with the applications people rely on every day—e-mail and Microsoft Office. In addition, users can still work with non-subscribers, and the service automatically knows how all the versions fit together. NextPage 1.5 reduces the risk of sending out the wrong version of a document, prevents wasted time working on wrong versions and provides control over ad hoc document collaboration processes.

“NextPage delivers control over the ad hoc document collaboration processes people deal with every day,” said Darren Lee, president and CEO of NextPage. “This new version further enhances customers’ ability to know exactly what is happening to their document versions. So, they can complete deliverables faster, reduce the risk of sending out inaccurate or outdated contracts, proposals or presentations, and prevent wasted time working on the wrong version.”

A major feature added in this release is the ability to compare Microsoft Word document versions at a glance. Users simply choose the two versions they want to compare from the NextPage Version History™ and select, “compare.” The resulting document shows how one document version compares to another and highlights the differences by author and date, making it easier to see who has made changes to a document version and what changes have been made.

Also, this release has additional notifications to let users know when they are editing old versions or who is editing other versions. One of the added notifications alerts users when they start tracking a document for the first time, giving them immediate access to features and information.

NextPage 1.5 was initially released in February 2005 and is available for purchase or trial at NextPage 1.5 tracks Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint and Excel files and runs on the Microsoft Windows® Operating System.