Wise Solutions Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Altiris, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATRS) , today announced the availability of Wise Package Studio® 5. The new Wise Package Studio allows organizations to properly prepare and test applications prior to deployment through a scalable, enterprise solution designed to improve desktop reliability, and reduce support costs and end-user downtime.

With a focus on quality assurance, functionality and other new features, Wise Package Studio 5 provides critical features that deployment teams need to prepare software applications for distribution. Wise Package Studio is based on a structured process called enterprise software packaging that addresses the phases of deployment preparation including application request, packaging, conflict management, quality assurance and release to the distribution system.

Wise Package Studio, when combined with systems management software like Altiris® Client Management Suite™, provides IT departments with inventory and software delivery solutions necessary to efficiently manage all software packages and applications throughout the IT lifecycle.

Wise Package Studio 5 includes several new features:

* Preflight Deployment™
This new technology allows administrators to determine, before
deployment, if an installation will succeed or fail by testing it in a
real-world environment with no impact to end users.

* Application Gateway
A Web-based application request portal uniting all phases of the
deployment process, assisting with corporate standardization and leading to a higher level of service to end users.

* Mobile Device Package Editor
Now Wise Package Studio customers can easily and fully customize
applications for Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC.

* Expanded Wise Software Repository™
The Wise Software Repository has expanded to include extensive
customization, including importing the standard operating environment
(SOE), adding package meta data and specifying package dependencies.

Wise Package Studio also contains dozens of other unique features such as: Virtual Capture™, ConflictManager®, Test Expert, and integration with the major distribution systems, including Altiris.

“Organizations that do not dedicate resources to preparing applications for deployment, particularly in the area of quality assurance, risk high failure rates and end-user downtime,” said John McMillan, Wise Solutions VP of software architecture. “Even if an application is properly packaged, it needs to be thoroughly tested. Many organizations believe it’s time consuming and expensive to perform quality assurance, but Wise Package Studio 5 makes it easy to test in the lab and the real-world environment.”

Using Wise Package Studio as the basis for a structured approach to preparing applications for deployment means organizations can easily migrate to the Windows Installer (.MSI) standard, experience increased productivity, improved desktop reliability, and produce reliable, error-free deployments. This translates to fewer help desk calls, reduced end-user downtime, lowered costs for maintaining PCs and better return on their Windows 2000/XP investment.

New Flexible, Modular Structure

Wise Package Studio 5 is now offered in a flexible, modular structure that provides an extensive array of solutions for any organization. With this structure, organizations can purchase the functionality that best suits their needs. The Wise Package Studio suite of products includes Professional Edition, the Quality Assurance module, Application Gateway, Enterprise Management Server and Standard Edition.