NetPro Computing, Inc., the leading provider of directory assurance software, today announced the availability of DNSAnalyzer 4.0, the latest version of its comprehensive DNS monitoring and diagnostics solution. The new version enables users to quickly troubleshoot DNS issues and drill down on the root cause of critical DNS problems from an interactive interface. The upgraded software also features a new Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) Management Pack which allows MOM users to monitor all flavors of DNS from a single console.

“DNS issues are one of the leading causes of Active Directory issues,” says Kevin Hickey, President & CEO of NetPro. “DNS problems have the power to cripple the directory, affecting everything from replication to name resolution. And the trickle down affect of those problems can be even more profound, affecting user authentication and login, as well as access to critical applications and services like Exchange. DNSAnalyzer gives IT managers the power to hunt down DNS problems before they impact the directory, Exchange, and network users.”

DNSAnalyzer’s new management pack extends the built-in functionality of MOM, Microsoft Corp.’s comprehensive event and performance management solution for Windows, by allowing network administrators running MOM to proactively diagnose DNS issues and receive alerts when they occur. DNSAnalyzer significantly reduces both the time and effort spent managing DNS, and drives DNS uptime and prevents DNS-related security vulnerabilities by providing proactive monitoring and diagnostic capabilities for DNS-related problems 24×7. With the ability to monitor every type of DNS server, including Microsoft, BIND, QIP, etc., DNSAnalyzer ensures consistency between Active Directory and DNS, a leading catalyst for Active Directory and Exchange issues.

QuickDiagnose, DNSAnalyzer’s new interactive testing feature, enables users to immediately assess DNS health across an entire forest or a specific domain by running the product’s test library on demand. It features an interactive user interface and allows users to customize tests for specific requirements.

DNSAnalyzer’s new Management Pack for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) affords tight integration with Microsoft’s comprehensive Windows management framework. The Management Pack extends the built-in functionality of MOM by allowing network administrators to monitor and proactively diagnose all flavors of DNS from—Microsoft to BIND —all within the MOM console.