National Geographic Animal Jam, an online virtual world that teaches kids ages 5-11 about animals and the natural world, today announced it has surpassed one million registered players. The game reached this major milestone in less than seven months, and has attracted young players from more than 172 countries; with the majority of users coming from the United States. Animal Jam was created by Smart Bomb Interactive, a licensee of National Geographic.

“We knew Animal Jam would resonate with kids and their parents, however we launched with a focused approach to marketing, so the phenomenal growth rate of this game has exceeded everyone’s expectations,” said Kris Johnson, President and CEO of Smart Bomb Interactive. “Kids are hearing about Animal Jam from other kids, which is the best word of mouth we could ask for. They hear that it’s fun, creative, always changing, and a friendly place to hang out.”

National Geographic Animal Jam features a fantasy world called Jamaa, where kids discover real-world animal and nature facts while having fun and socializing with other young members around the world. Players create an animal avatar, taking on the persona of one of their favorite animals. As they uncover the secrets of this constantly changing world, kids enjoy free games and e-books from National Geographic Kids Books, customize their animal characters, build their own den, chat with friends, and learn about animals and nature through the vast multi-media resources of National Geographic.

Popular reptile expert and television personality Brady Barr, host of Nat Geo Wild Channel’s Dangerous Encounters, recently formalized his involvement with Animal Jam with the in-game launch of “Brady Barr’s Laboratory.” Brady brings to the game his years of experience as a working scientist, explorer and educator teaching kids about animals. “Brady Barr’s Laboratory” is his online headquarters in the world of Jamaa, where kids learn more about his work, the tools he uses, and his crazy encounters with animals all over the world through video clips, games, and Q&A sessions with Brady himself.

“Animal Jam is a one-of-a-kind game that helps kids around the world play, learn and share at the same time,” said Chris Mate, Vice President and General Manager of Games at National Geographic. “It is thrilling and very gratifying to watch the rapid adoption of Animal Jam. National Geographic connects with kids through video, photography and animation, always working hard to inspire them to care about their planet through online and offline play.”

Animal Jam is free to play, and accepts no advertising. Paid memberships are available, which provide access to premium content and support the conservation missions of the National Geographic Society. One such mission supported by Animal Jam memberships is the Big Cats Initiative, a global habitat preservation and education project in defense of endangered felines. Other benefits of membership include exclusive clothing and den items, unique in-world abilities and special chat animations, sneak peek access to new features, a member newsletter and more. One month memberships are $5.95, or parents can save some money with discounted multiple-month deals: a six month membership is $29.95 and a 12 month membership is $59.95. To explore Animal Jam, visit