N-able Technologies™ is pleased to announce the availability of its newest product, N-vision 1.5. This new release will allow businesses to focus on operating IT effectively and transparently throughout the company, while assisting in fulfilling IT governance.

Available in late-July, N-vision will provide a mid-enterprise business or managed service provider, with intelligence about how IT is influencing an organization. N-vision’s business service level reports will ensure that informed decisions can be made about regulations, IT efficiency and expenditures, so a business can operate with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

“IT is a crucial part of any business and needs to be operated with the same standards and controls as the organization,” said Mark Scott, President & CEO, N-able Technologies. “We’ve developed N-vision to provide the functionality to align IT with business goals and to ensure IT is smoothly and transparently delivered. With N-vision, organizations have the ability to measure the true business value of technology while managing and mitigating its inherent risks for regulatory compliance.”

N-vision is comprised of five modules for mid-enterprises and managed service providers.

*Managed Service Console — This module provides availability and performance management of IT services of distributed infrastructures from a business perspective. Through multiple views and flexible service groupings organizations can manage IT with transparency of costs and service levels.

*Security Event Manager — The N-able Security Event Manager collects, analyzes and escalates critical security data to ensure a comprehensive and proactive security solution. This module maximizes existing security infrastructures by seamlessly integrating, collecting, correlating and reporting critical information from multiple security devices and applications on a centralized dashboard.

*AudITor — Powerful and robust, AudITor fulfills the need for information technology and security reporting from a business perspective. AudITor is an integral part of a complete IT management solution required to make informed corporate decisions. From business service management, to capacity planning, to corporate and IT governance, AudITor provides the crucial data needed to make decisions while understanding the impact IT has on business.

*Business Service Manager — Monitors, tests and reports the performance of critical business services such as corporate email, CRM and other critical applications.

*Software Development Kit (SDK) — The N-vision SDK is a software tool that allows organizations to develop new services that will extend the functionality of N-vision and monitor their specific environment and service level objectives.

N-vision is designed specifically for IT governance as defined within the CobiT® framework to address its five core areas: IT-business alignment, IT value delivery, risk management, resource management and performance measurement.

“IT governance provides organizations with the ability to manage information technology and security in a new way, whereby services are delivered in a transparent, value-based manner to the business,” said Charles Weaver, President of the MSPAlliance. “The combination of N-vision 1.5 with the extensive N-able University training and their global partner network of 400 provides mid-enterprises with a complete solution to run IT like a business.”