Motorola and Wannado City announced the grand opening of the M-Lab, Motorola’s innovation-centric venue within Wannado City, America’s first indoor role-playing theme park for kids. Wannado City, where “kids can do what they Wannado”, lets children experience a variety of occupations, from fire fighter to doctor to airline pilot. Now, with the opening of the Motorola M-Lab, young visitors will also be able to discover a career in innovation while touching upon science and technology in a high-tech, highly immersive environment.

“As a global technology company with a significant presence in South Florida — and a major facility literally down the street from Wannado City — it only made sense that we should have a venue in Wannado City,” said Peter Aloumanis, vice president, Motorola Sales & Services. “With Motorola’s more than 75-year history in technological innovation, we feel it is particularly appropriate to invest in the future by introducing children to innovation at a young age.”

The venue was designed by Gensler for children ages 8-12, although children up to age 14 are welcome to experience the M-Lab. The Motorola M-Lab simulates a scientific laboratory, in which each child plays the role of an M-Ventor, a member of an elite group of young inventors tasked with helping different organizations solve difficult problems using technology, teamwork and innovation. The children are each assigned a sub-role within the M-Ventor teams, although they must work together using an interactive video game to solve the problem.

The M-Lab was designed to imitate a real-world innovation cycle which involves hypothesis generation, testing, feedback interpretation, reformulation, and teamwork to achieve a desired outcome. M-Ventors will wear white lab coats and badges and will be given an M-Ventor Idea Log Book and pen that they can keep at the end of the activity to write down all of their great ideas. The M-Lab offers a complete sensory experience, including stunning visuals, sound effects, vibrations, and smells for a fully immersive experience.

“Wannado City is excited to have Motorola join our city,” said Luis Laresgoiti, chief creative officer, Wannado City. “With the introduction of a science and technology venue, Motorola will provide kids with a fun and educational experience that is a perfect compliment to our existing professions.”