The Microsoft Partner Network OEM Hardware competency provides benefits that can help your business grow, whether you are planning, selling, or supporting your customers.

The launch of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 plus the release of Office 2010 has created significant demand for new PCs, laptops, servers and devices that will be sold this coming year:

87% of businesses plan to purchase from only one OEM supplier this year (Gartner 2009), making certification and experience more critical than ever to compete effectively in today’s market.

According to IDC, approximately 47 million Windows 7 units will ship with new PCs in 2010.

Approximately 3.4 million small businesses are running outdated server infrastructure, and 16 million small businesses running at least two PCs could benefit from installing their first server.

Combined with the ongoing commitment from Microsoft for research and development (R&D) and innovation, your membership in the OEM Hardware competency can help increase market demand for the PCs and servers you deliver. As an OEM Hardware competency partner, you’ll gain customer visibility in Microsoft directories, as well as the brand designation that customers associate with high quality solutions and service. The more involved you are, the greater the opportunity for benefits and rewards.

Top 5 Reasons to Enrol

1. Microsoft branded logo: Show your unique expertise to customers by using Logo Builder to create a custom logo that identifies your capabilities.

2. Technical advisory services: Choose from the many offerings provided by Partner Technical Services to get expert guidance from Microsoft consultants for training, technical pre-sales, and delivery support.

3. Training: Build technical and business skills with role-based training at the Partner Learning Center.

4. Internal-use software: Get first-hand knowledge of features and capabilities with internal use licenses for Microsoft’s latest software.

5. Sales tools and marketing resources: Access customizable marketing campaign resources at the Partner Marketing Center, make your company accessible to tens of thousands of potential customers with Microsoft Pinpoint and Microsoft Solution Finder and use Partner Sales Resources to sell your products and solutions more effectively.

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