Userful introduces, 1-Box Desktop Multiplier, a Linux-based software, that turns one computer into ten. Userful’s 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software creates a ten-to-one advantage over traditional desktop deployments by using extra video cards to quickly turn a single ordinary PC into a network of up to ten workstations. After three years of selling the 1-Box software as a turnkey solution, Userful is releasing 1-Box Desktop Multiplier as a stand-alone product for global distribution, and is looking to expand their network of partners and resellers internationally.

“The portability and speed of deploying 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software is outstanding. We’ve literally been able to unpack, set-up, and test an eight-user network in less than twenty-five minutes,‰ said David Cooper, President of ITSportsNet. „The 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software gives us a dramatic edge over our competitors who are still struggling using traditional PCs or thin clients.”

With 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software, up to ten users can work off of a single computer box. Each user requires only a standard monitor, USB keyboard, and mouse. Users can simultaneously browse the Internet, send email, and independently run any installed software they desire. By reducing hardware, software, and maintenance costs, Userful’s 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software reduces the total cost of ownership by as much as seventy per cent.

Tim Griffin, President of Userful, states, “Our 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software leverages Linux’s significant advantages of security, reliability, virus-immunity, affordability and extensibility. Our software combines the best of both PCs and Thin-Clients, allowing for both high performance and low maintenance. 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software easily integrates with all major Linux distributions, creating a powerful and compelling enhancement for anyone deploying Linux on the desktop.”

In addition to making desktop computing drastically more affordable, 1-Box Desktop Multiplier software has substantial environmental benefits. The ninety per cent reduction in hardware greatly reduces an organization’s power, air conditioning and computer disposal costs.

1-Box Desktop Multiplier offers support for most Linux distributions, including Novell, Mandrake, Fedora Core and Red Hat.