Roughly half of Canadians say flip-flops, tank
tops, shorts and Capri pants are inappropriate for the office, with flip-flops
topping the list, according to a new poll by

“This really speaks to the professionalism that many Canadians value in
the workplace,” said Gabriel Bouchard, vice president and general manager,
Monster Canada.

A total of 3,034 of the 6,296 English Canadians (48%) who participated in
the recent online poll at said that all flip-flops, tank tops,
shorts and Capri pants are inappropriate for wear at the office. One in five
found flip-flops inappropriate summer attire. Fifteen per cent called tank
tops inappropriate, followed by another 8% who said that shorts are not office
material. A final 7% of respondents said that Capri pants deserve to stay in
the closet before work.

A similar poll in Quebec revealed somewhat surprising results. A total of
685 of the 1,272 Quebeckers (53%) polled stated that Capri pants are the most
inappropriate summer clothing for the office, followed by 24% of respondents
who said that flip-flops are not suitable office shoes. Interestingly, while
the majority said that Capri pants are an office no-no, only 10% of workers
said that shorts and tank tops deserve to stay in the closet.

“Though Canadian employees obviously prefer more professional attire for
work, what is seen as summer business attire may vary,” said Bouchard. “And
while it may be tempting to take a more relaxed approach to dressing for work
in the summer, employees should consider that clothing choices do affect one’s
credibility and professionalism. If there is any doubt about summer clothing
choices, employees should look to management or speak to their HR department
for help.”

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