Kaspersky Lab is announcing the availability of a new application in the Kaspersky Security for Internet Gateway solution, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security, which reinforces web gateways to protect corporate networks from a variety of web-based attacks and reduces risks – decreasing IT support overheads for businesses.

In 2017, Kaspersky Lab products repelled over one billion attacks launched from online resources located all over the world. To help businesses secure their corporate environments, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security adds a risk-mitigation layer of defense by stopping threats at the point when they attempt to penetrate the network, and before they even reach employee endpoints.

Kaspersky Web Traffic Security has a powerful multi-layered machine learning-based anti-malware engine. In addition, with a renewed anti-phishing engine, featuring deep learning-based technologies at its core, the application helps reduce the hazards associated with dangerous actions, such as clicking on phishing links and opening potentially harmful web pages.

The application also reduces the risk of infection and data leakage by filtering ingoing and outgoing content, for example, it prevents corporate data being uploaded to public clouds. The web control feature of the application also helps manage the categories of web resources employees are permitted to visit.

“Social engineering, such as phishing, is one of the key techniques used by attackers trying to penetrate the business perimeter,” said Sergey Martsynkyan, head of B2B product marketing at Kaspersky Lab. “Kaspersky Web Traffic Security is designed to reduce this risk as well as relieve some pressure from IT support staff who have to resolve problems as the result of other employees’ inappropriate online activities. The application will boost business defenses by using a proven next-generation cybersecurity engine, with arguably the lowest false positive rates and highest detection rates in the industry – governing internet use via a single application point.”

In addition to industry leading protection, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security provides businesses with enhanced management capabilities, such as:

  • Event-centric gateway security management and monitoring so that the most important security events are brought to the user’s attention first
  • SIEM integration to add gateway security context to the infrastructure-wide view of security events
  • Multi-node management which makes it possible to tackle heavier loads and easily work with distributed infrastructures
  • A special multitenancy mode for MSPs and diversified companies, which allows them to assign dedicated workspaces for different customers or projects/offices to manage them separately
  • Lastly, role-based access control which allows the management of access levels for security administrators who have different responsibilities

To offer an industry-leading detection rate that keeps up with today’s always evolving threat landscape, Kaspersky Web Traffic Security leverages global threat intelligence from the cloud and expert analysis and research.

Kaspersky Internet Gateway Security, which includes the new Kaspersky Web Traffic Security application, can be purchased separately or can be accessed as a part of Kaspersky Total Security for Business. For more information, please visit the corporate website here.