JetBrains(TM), Inc.,
creators of intelligent, productivity-enhancing tools, today announced the
availability of Omea Pro(TM), an Integrated Information Environment that
allows users to easily access, organize and quickly search multiple forms of
electronic information resources.

“In today’s digital environment, input flows to the desktop from so many
sources it is easy to become overwhelmed,” said Eugene Belyaev, president and
chief technology officer at JetBrains. “There really is no stop to the flow,
and that means the only solution is better management. When we saw our own
people’s productivity impacted, we created Omea Pro to effectively solve this
problem. We know all information users will find the power of this convenient
information management tool extremely useful.”

Omea Pro Features

— Intelligently manages daily information flows to solve the growing
problems users have encountered with organizing, searching and
processing information

— Coordinates information from multiple sources, enabling users to manage
information the way they want instead of how their computers choose

— Provides easy access to e-mail, RSS and ATOM feeds and newsgroup
articles, instant message conversations, favorite web sites, personal
contacts, web browser bookmarks, and locally stored Microsoft(R)
Office(R) and other file formats

— Uses sophisticated technologies to automate everyday
information-related tasks, increases productivity and saves time

Omea Pro is particularly useful for the “power user” of information but it
benefits all levels of information consumers. Omea Pro is designed for
professionals working in a wide range of industries: publishing,
communications, software development, consulting, banking, sales, science,
government and so on.

Omea Pro Benefits

— Stay always up-to-date
— Quickly find what information users have regardless of its format or
what kind of software usually works with it
— Store and organize all kinds of information the way users want
— Intelligent processing and separation of urgent incoming items from
those that can be dealt with later
— Easy-to-use interface
— Multiple ways to organize resources automatically, eliminating time
wasted organizing the information manually

Intelligent Information Management

Omea Pro is a Windows(R) application based on .NET technology. It provides
integration with Microsoft Outlook(R), Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla(C)
Firefox, ICQ(R) and Miranda, and supports different file types (DOC, PDF,
HTML, TXT, and so on).

What sets Omea Pro apart from similar tools are its innovative information
management features, which process incoming information, organize and search
through it using advanced search options.

For example, Categories organize all types of information — e-mails,
instant message conversations, weblog posts — in a unified hierarchical
structure. Workspaces allow the user to define a global filter to isolate
displayed information to only those resources relating to a particular
context. Views select a subset of resources based on a certain condition.
Links help define and remember relationships between different resources.

Other great organizational extras in Omea Pro include Shortcuts,
Clippings, Annotations, Flags, Rules, Notifications and more.


Omea Pro is available now and can be purchased at while a fully functional, 30-day trial copy can
be downloaded immediately at .