60 minutes of solid advice on what vendors and channel partners should leverage to navigate this crisis. The bottom line? There is now a new business normal and it is heavily digital. Winners will be those with a stronger digital skill set and most of the traditional playbooks are toast. In the short term, it’s the time for more helping and less selling.

Jay says that there are 4 possible scenarios that will determine how the channel comes out of this storm. In the best case, the growth will be low single digits in 2020. In the worst case, there will be negative growth that will significantly set back the industry and economy. Unfortunately, there is no way for anyone to predict the outcome at this point.

Listen to the 60-minutes eChannelNEWS webcast and leverage what you can.

For those interested in the list of channel communities as Jay mentioned, please see: https://go.forrester.com/blogs/channel-marketers-need-to-become-community-marketers-heres-how/