IBM today announced a new IBM eServer iSeries version for mySAP™ ERP, customized to simplify enterprise resource planning for mid-size businesses.

The new IBM eServer i5 Solution Edition for mySAP ERP is a solution that includes IBM’s leading midrange server, software, middleware and storage to help deliver the power of SAP® solution-based landscapes to the mid-market. With the new integrated solution, mid-market customers have a simple, flexible way to operate mySAP ERP, a leading business software solution featuring industry-leading business analytics, financials, human capital management, operations, and corporate services applications.

“Mid-market companies have distinct needs that are often overlooked by vendors,” said Thomas Baur, vice president, global ERP initiative, SAP AG. “With mySAP ERP, SAP is committed to meeting those needs by providing easy, scalable and affordable solutions that provide a rapid return on investment for customers. SAP supports IBM’s complementary iSeries offering, which provides mid-market customers with reliable technology and flexible adoption options that meet business needs at a low cost.”

The iSeries’ specifically configured consolidation of systems and applications make the most of midrange customers’ limited IT resources and budgets. For example, customers can run multiple SAP and other applications simultaneously on the same server, alleviating the need to run multiple test, development and production systems. Through the iSeries’ Capacity on Demand technology fueled by the POWER5 microprocessor, customers can better manage their costs with a system that adjusts processor utilization to meet the highs and lows of unpredictable and dynamic shifts in demand.

“The Solution Edition for mySAP ERP should help our customers benefit from a higher and faster return on their investment by helping to improve their productivity and significantly simplifying their IT environment,” said Peter Bingaman, vice president, IBM eServer iSeries. “This single-server solution helps our clients avoid building and managing more complex multi-server environments often necessary to support a single business application. It’s a great example of the outstanding solutions on the iSeries platform that we bring to SMB clients when we work closely with our partners.”

Top companies like Ball Horticultural, renowned breeder, producer and wholesale distributor of ornamental plants, relies on SAP solutions on the iSeries platform to run its core business applications including sales, distribution, manufacturing and financials.

“We have been successful running a business 24/7 over the past seven years because of the unmatched reliability of the iSeries server and the SAP solution,” said Doreen Anderson, SAP Basis Manager at Ball Horticultural. “The iSeries’ super-integrated software, hardware and storage lets us focus on nurturing and growing our business, not managing IT.”

Two Versions
The Solution Edition for mySAP ERP is available in two-way and four-way versions, which can be configured individually with memory, disks and network adaptors, according to customer requirements:

—  A two-way version of the model 550—This base version includes a
    total of two active processors and two i5/OS and DB2 licenses.  It provides
    flexible growth options with two spare processors:  you can choose an
    attractively priced upgrade to the 4-way version or activate the two
    inactive processors to run AIX or Linux applications.

—  A four-way version of the model 550—This fully configured version
    has capacity to support larger mid-sized companies. It includes a total of
    four active processors and four i5/OS and DB2 licenses.

Pricing and Availability

The Solution Edition for mySAP ERP is planned for availability starting Feb. 18. Details on pricing are available from IBM. Licensing on the active processors for i5/OS includes DB2. More information is available at and