IBM announced that the free, customizable IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition search software has become a preferred choice of global customers seeking to extend access to information and create greater reach into content across the enterprise.
In the six months since its debut, more than 21,000 search administrators have downloaded IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition and companies like Axioma, Cognos, Groxis, Fortune Interactive, Schemalogic, Tetrad Digital Integrity LLC (TDI), and TnR Global have developed, and are introducing today, new offerings that integrate with or support IBM’s free search platform.

The advent of new products announced today demonstrates that organizations of any size can build advanced solutions with IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition and take enterprise search and information access to the next level through capabilities such as search engine optimization, customized team-based search collaboration and search visualization. Until now, most advanced, specialized search solutions were out of the reach of many companies who were unable afford to spend thousands of dollars on an enterprise search platform to support these applications.

“IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition continues to change the competitive dynamics of the enterprise search market,” said Michael Marshall, chief technical officer and chief operating officer, Fortune Interactive. “Now that enterprise search is within reach of any organization, a whole new window of opportunity has opened to make advanced tools for accessing and visualizing information available to more users. By providing the ability to test drive enterprise search for free, IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition is making it possible for a larger number of organizations to benefit from search and move up the ladder to more advanced capabilities.”
Among the new software announced today, Axioma Search LLC is releasing the Axioma Corporate Searcher, seamlessly integrating dynamic context search capabilities with IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition. Axioma’s enterprise search technology increases search ROI through dramatic boosts in relevancy, searcher context control, and leveraged search results. Axioma’s post-search solution lets searchers control the full results-set of OmniFind Yahoo! Edition.

The unique and competitive features of Axioma’s software include clustering technologies, vertical subject definition and dynamic context tools which narrow large sets of results to smaller more meaningful ones. Leveraged search allows users to build pools of sources and reuse, save and share them with other corporate users generating further ROI enhancements.
Groxis, a pioneer of visual search technology and the creator of a patented graphical information interface, has extended its Grokker web-based enterprise search management platform to work with IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition.

By using the software together, Grokker combines queries from the IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Enterprise search engine along with other content sources such as subscription content sites and public websites. It dynamically categorizes the combined results and delivers them in an intuitive user interface ideal for use by content publishers, libraries and other research-intensive organizations.

Fortune Interactive is introducing a new Featured Match add-on to provide more influence over search through search engine optimization. The Featured Match add-on supplements IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition’s ability to add featured results to direct users to appropriate content which either needs to be highlighted, or cannot be found algorithmically. The Featured Match add-on also helps the OmniFind Yahoo Edition search platform learn from the featured links provided, delivering similar results based on the same theme and an added level of search customization.
TnR Global, an enterprise search consulting company, has released a new free ESearch component that allows companies to build enterprise search into sites based on the open source Joomla content management system. The new ESearch component allows web developers to integrate IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition with Joomla and run it on the same server as the Joomla system or on an enterprise search server behind a firewall for added security. The ESearch component provides ease of administration and customization by Joomla administrators.

Previously, Cognos announced Cognos 8 Go! Search Service support for IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition enabling users to discover and analyze information on demand by searching business intelligence managed by Cognos 8 Business Intelligence and other content stored across the enterprise.
In addition, TDI, a provider of information security and information assurance services and solutions, announced they are using the software in a new information security and compliance solution for organizations to control massive amounts of data on their network and identify files containing sensitive information. The new application provides government and businesses greater control over their information flow while providing a flexible information protection system by automatically searching for and obscuring sensitive information and preventing its release. Schemalogic also announced plans to integrate its software with IBM’s open source search engine.
IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition, which is based on open source Lucene technology, is enabling innovation by companies of all sizes. The no charge enterprise search software with Web search services powered by Yahoo! enables departments and businesses of all sizes to quickly and easily find, access and capitalize on information stored within organizations and across the Web. IBM OmniFind Yahoo! Edition makes enterprise search ubiquitous and free for organizations of any size.