¡V I.R.I.S. Group, today announced at the AIIM 2005 Conference and Expo the worldwide release of iDRS, the company¡œs latest imaging and recognition technology.

iDRS is a deeply renovated, commercial toolkit available for the Windows platform that gathers each aspect of I.R.I.S. recognition technologies in one package. This solution is ideal for VARs, integrators, developers and scanner manufacturers working to extend the functions of existing applications with OCR, Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR), barcode recognition, Banking Fonts Recognition, imaging and formatting features.

¡§iDRS is a complete modular toolkit enabling integrators to use all of the technologies available at I.R.I.S. in the same package to complete their own advanced technologies,¡¨ stated Jean-Marc Fontaine, Director of Sales for I.R.I.S. Inc. ¡§Using this unique toolkit in their application, an integrator can either finalize a product that will be out of the box without customization or develop something that will be customized for every customer.¨

Toolkit features and functions of the iDRS system include:
 - .NET Environment Compatible: iDRS is compatible with the latest Microsoft connected technology, facilitating the
development of web services

 - Modular Application: individual modules ensure each application is tailored to meet specific business needs

 - Effortless Integration: new architecture uses Application Programming Interface, the ActiveX component of iDRS, and detailed illustration guides to implement the application in a few short hours

 - Advanced Image Processing: preprocessing modules offer advanced image processing such as text deskewing, detection of page orientation and despeckling

 - Over 100 Languages Available: unique to iDRS is the capability to support all European languages including Central-European languages, the Baltic languages, Greek, Cyrillic languages, Asian languages and Hebrew

 - Banking Font Recognition: bank fonts OCR-A, OCR-B, E13B and CMC7 recognized for use in activation of check reading solutions

 - Broad Range of Output Formats: formats text documents into PDF, RTF, HTML, Unicode TXT or XML

Price and Availability

iDRS is available in distribution and retail channels worldwide. iDRS is also available from the I.R.I.S. online shop (http://shop.irislink.com). Users can contact an I.R.I.S. representative to design an integration kit; prices vary according to toolkit design.