Being an MSP is a very difficult challenge. If you’re one, then you know what I mean. If you were able to build a solid book of business to get acquired, then you crossed the finish line. If not, then your battle goes on. The struggle is real.

The cost and expertise required to operate a successful MSP business can be huge. Just paying for the tools to run your business can add up to a fortune. To compete, every MSP has to invest heavily just to deliver the services.

What if the MSP could do everything that they need to do at a fraction of the cost?

The folks at The20 know all about the MSP pain too well. That’s why they banded together to form a different type of group. Basically, they leverage the same NOC. They share the cost. The end result? They are able to deliver a superior service at a fraction of the price. It may have a feel of a franchise relationship, but it operates on sharing cost and skills while allowing each member to remain independent.

Check out my interview with Tim Conkle who is CEO of the group to understand why and how their group is successful. Or visit