Novell announced that Honeywell is integrating Novell’s flagship identity management product into Honeywell’s access control security platform to help organizations better safeguard their physical and logical assets. The two companies have collaborated to deliver a tightly integrated secure access and provisioning solution for physical and logical assets that addresses the requirements of high-security businesses, such as financial services and health care institutions. As a result, organizations can automatically provision and control user access across disparate systems, while also gaining a holistic view of access occurrences for increased security and compliance.

The integration of the Novell ) product into Honeywell’s SmartPlus* Identity Manager solution reduces cost and increases productivity by simplifying the complex process of manually assigning privileges and managing identity information across several systems. IT managers have the ability to automatically synchronize user data and passwords across multiple facilities and systems, maintain a single point of management for all users, update role changes and terminate user access. The end result is tighter security controls across all organizational systems.

“Government regulations and increased security concerns are driving businesses to coordinate physical and logical security management,” said Kent Erickson, vice president and general manager for Identity and Security Management at Novell. “Organizations looking for a more coordinated approach to user access management have been challenged to figure out how to easily obtain and integrate both parts of the system. Our collaboration with Honeywell allows for the distribution of a combined physical and logical security management solution from a single source, and it gives customers the confidence that both offerings work well together.”

A flagship product in Novell’s portfolio of identity and security management solutions, Novell Identity Manager integrates with Honeywell’s new SmartPlus release to provide organizations with a complete identity-enabled infrastructure to automate the management of roles and secure access to information and facilities. Novell Identity Manager manages all user identities and protects information resources and business systems from unauthorized access. Honeywell’s SmartPlus solution manages all physical access control, alarm monitoring and badging systems.

“This is the first integrated solution to provide organizations with this level of protection for their intellectual and physical property,” said John Lorenty, general manager of Honeywell Systems Group. “Our collaboration with Novell makes it easier to combine physical and logical security access, allowing our customers to better manage security risks.”

The integrated physical and logical solution is available now from Honeywell. Visit [ ] for more information.