On Thursday 24 November Google is launching Google Space at Heathrow’s Terminal One. Google Space is a laboratory comprising Google pods, which travellers can access for free once through security to log onto the Internet, check their mail and use Google tools to find out about their destination.

Here follows a corrected shotlist for the B-roll (note one interviewee was removed)

Please also note there are NO ARCHIVE RIGHTS to this footage, which can be used for only 7 days from feed date (23 November). We regret these pictures cannot be held in your film libraries.

1. Passengers in departures hall
2. Passengers arriving in departure lounge
3. Bored-looking passengers in departure lounge
4. Wide and top views of Google Space
5. Passengers logging onto following Google services – Google search,
Google Earth, Google Space feedback form, Google Local and Picasa.
6. Vox pops with passengers using Google Space
7. Interview with Lorraine Twohill, Director of European Marketing
Programmes, Google
8. Interview with Duncan Tolson, Director of Commercial Telecoms
and Media, BAA

To find out more about Google Space, visit www.google.co.uk/googlespace