General DataComm, Inc. (GNRD) announces the release of a full line of ADSL2/2+ products for use in deploying next-generation data, voice and video services over DSL.

GDC’s DSLware® series of products support the most recent advances in ADSL2/2+ technology and allow Carriers to support LAN-based, voice and video applications utilizing Internet connectivity at greater distances and speeds.

“Each of our DSLware products are equipped with router functionality and, depending on the model, can support different port densities and types based on application requirements,” said George Best, vice president, marketing and sales for General DataComm. “In addition, we are providing models that include both the convenience of Wi-Fi connectivity and integrated VoIP (SIP).”

GDC’s DSLware series of products, targeted for use in the consumer marketplace, are equipped with both an Ethernet and USB port. DSLware products for use in the business of SOHO environments are equipped with an integrated 4-port 10/100 Ethernet switch and an RS-232-port. Both models are available in basic wire-line versions or can be equipped to support 802.11 b/g WiFi and/or 2 on-board VoIP-SIP-ports via standard RJ-45 jacks. Because the VoIP/SIP protocol is integral to the device, interfacing to standard external handsets is quick and easy.

DSLware products also include advanced software for support of the fundamental router/gateway features required for today’s business and residential applications. Some of these software features include: packet filtering, firewall inspection, WPA wireless security, DHCP, DNS, and VPN support. DSLware products are fully software upgradeable to support ever-changing network requirements.

Extended Reach, Speeds and Compatibility

GDC’s DSLware ADSL2/2+ allows Carriers and users to operate over an extended range while increasing their data rate and application support. ADSL2/2+ devices double the bandwidth used for down-stream transmission, achieving speeds in excess of 20 Mbps on circuits as long as 5000 ft., and up to 27 Mbps on shorter circuits. This higher level of service allows the transport of data, voice and video possible over these services. Because DSLware ADSL2/2+ products are compatible with previous ADSL implementations, versions are automatically detected and put into service.

Available now, GDC’s DSLware products are another example of GDC’s commitment to develop products and solutions based on application requirements of our service provider, carrier, retail and enterprise customers.