Free games download site, My Real Games has just revealed its predictions for 2013. It suggests that the seemingly unstoppable popularity of online gaming will develop at an even faster rate over the next 12 months.

The site revealed that it had achieved a record-breaking 12 million page impressions per month in July, with 4 million unique visitors. What’s more, 66% of its visitors returned within the month to download free games. Just three months later, the number of page impressions has by 7% while the number of unique visitors has soared by a massive 17%. The US and UK are leading the way in visits, with an increase of 25% and 17% respectively.

Nikolai Veselov from said, “The buzz around online gaming this year is only the beginning. We feel incredibly confident that 2013 will bring even bigger and better things for online gaming and we are already starting to prepare the site to handle even more visitors. We expect our page impressions to hit 20 million per month before the end of the first quarter. Demand is now so great that we add several additional free PC games each week, adding to our existing library of around 200 free titles.”

The popularity of online gaming now surpasses traditional sports. In a report published earlier this year by Forbes Magazine, it was found that more people tuned in to watch the 2012 Major League Gaming’s Spring Championship than the Rose Bowl. The first round of the NBA Playoffs and the NCAA Basketball Tournament lost out two to one, posting just half the viewing figures of the video games tournament.

Analysts suggest that there is a distinct split in the style of games ruling in the marketplace. Relatively simple card games such as poker are popular but adventure and multi-player games are also increasingly popular.

MyRealGames has noted a similar pattern with new questing games racking up downloads as soon as they hit the site – Call of Atlantis is one example. Other titles include Fun and Bullets, Exotic Farm, popular PC download Mystery of Nostradamus, racing game Rich Cars 3: Hustle and Donkey Sean, an adventure which sees Sean and his barnyard buddies take a trip to the big city.