See it, snap it, report it. Citizen scientists and budding naturalists can now use their iPhone, or to report sightings of birds, butterflies and other migrating species from the field to the Journey North website.

The new app, provides tools including maps, a geographic locator and a function to record and send field notes. App users can take and send photos of their quarry using their iPhone or iPad and connect to a growing database of field observations used by both students and scientists. An Android version of the app will be available by summer 2012.

Journey North is an award-winning educational website dedicated to the study of wildlife migration and seasonal change. Over 900,000 K-12 students and members of the general public contribute data on this site, which has created a network of reported sightings, observations and changes in animal behavior and in the ecosystem.

The website, features migration maps dating back to 1997, images and photos of wildlife, video, standards-based lesson plans, classroom activities and information from scientists about specific species and the seasons. Journey North is a winner of the Webby award as a top educational site.