In-Memory Computing startup Formulus Black announced an enterprise hardened version of its revolutionary Forsa software that enables any application to run in memory without modification. The new version of Forsa sets the bar for enabling larger databases, I/O hungry HPC jobs, artificial intelligence and machine learning model training to run in memory on commodity hardware through support for larger systems with more CPUs and memory, and by supporting Persistent Memory technologies like Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.

“Due to Forsa’s revolutionary I/O and storage algorithms we actually deliver Negative Performance Overhead on systems with Intel® Persistent Memory. In other words, your applications will run fast on Persistent Memory and Forsa supercharges your application performance to an even higher extreme while offering best of breed memory management and usability features,” said Jing Xie, Formulus Black’s Chief Operating Officer.

Formulus Black’s Forsa software is the first in the world to persist complete system images and data in memory while safeguarding against power loss. By identifying and encoding data patterns in real time using algorithms, the software enables larger datasets to occupy a smaller footprint in memory while also providing complete system backup and restore in minutes instead of hours or days. The addition of features in 3.0 ensures that Forsa is optimized for use in both large enterprise and SMB settings.

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