FinePrint Software today announces the release of the newest versions of
both pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro, easy-to-use and inexpensive
alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for creating Adobe Portable Document Format
(PDF) files. The new versions include a first-of-its-kind feature among
PDF creation software products: a print button that enables pdfFactory to
be used as the default print driver by allowing printing a document to
paper, creating a PDF for electronic distribution, or both.

Unlike other PDF writers currently on the market, users of pdfFactory will
not have to submit a document to the regular print driver and then change
the driver to a PDF driver in order to produce both printed and electronic
copies. Since Adobe Acrobat is not used for preview and printing, the
process takes much less time. Users can simply set pdfFactory as their
default print driver and when they submit a print job a preview screen
will appear with options for printing on paper or sending the PDF that was
created seamlessly in the background.

“As the PDF format becomes ubiquitous, electronic document creation is
becoming as common as printing to paper,” said Jonathan Weiner, president
of FinePrint Software. “We are delighted to release a product that
addresses the inconvenience of constantly switching between print drivers
that has been required to create both paper and electronic documents. With
pdfFactory, users can leave their printer drivers alone and concentrate on
their work.”

The company’s flagship product, FinePrint, has also been upgraded to
include a pdfFactory button. FinePrint is a Windows printing tool used by
individuals and corporations around the world to increase printing
effectiveness and efficiency by printing multiple pages to a single sheet
of paper, plus a host of other printing options aimed at reducing paper
waste. With the addition of the pdfFactory button, those who have also
installed pdfFactory on their PCs will be able to easily create PDFs from

Trial versions of pdfFactory and pdfFactory Pro are available for download
at the FinePrint web site, pdfFactory is available for
$49.95 while pdfFactory Pro is priced at $99.95. FinePrint can be
purchased for $49.95. Quantity discounts are available.