Facebook is the leading photo sharing service on the web today. And there is no surprise that it dominates the Indian market as well.

As per industry sources, Facebook gets around 18 million unique visitors from India every month.

In comparison, Flickr gets just around 1.9 million visitors. Google Picasa Web service is third with 1.6 million visitors.

Facebook is mostly used by users for those images which are to be shared with others. In comparison, Flickr is used by serious users who prefer to showcase their work on this specialized platform. Google Picasa of course is largely used by folks who prefer the connectivity with the Picasa application.

It is also a pretty well known fact that Facebook does not preserve the original version of the photo. Flickr and Picasa on the other hand can be used as online archives of your photos.

And this is they reason why we recommend Facebook for sharing and Flickr for backing up your stuff on the web.