Today Epson announced that it will offer Serial Impact Dot Matrix (SIDM) printers as part of its retail technology lineup. The company will leverage its strong reseller channel to cost-effectively sell and deliver SIDM products to new and existing customers in a variety of retail segments throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Known for reliability and low cost, Serial Impact Dot Matrix printing technology now satisfies a specialized need for retailers who require multi-part forms printing at the point of sale. Epson’s two new SIDM models, the LQ-590 and the wide-format LQ-2090, are expected to gain acceptance among niche retailers who currently use Epson’s POS receipt printers as well as Okidata ML-390/391 and 490/491 retail users looking for performance and cost improvements. “Our strategy has long been to provide retailers with better solutions to their problems,” said Bud Weist, Vice President of Epson sales and marketing, System Device group. “Epson is the largest supplier of impact printers in the world, and we’re the number one printer brand in the retail industry. We believe retail customers will take notice of a superior technology that saves them money.”

Unparalleled Reliability & Lower TCO

Epson has a strong reputation for designing reliable, open-architecture point-of-sale printers that migrate easily from legacy systems. The company’s LQ-590 and LQ-2090 models outperform Okidata ML-390/490-series printers, offering a longer ribbon and print head life with faster printing speeds—up to 529 cps. Both Epson models use Epson and IBM printer languages, providing retailers with a solid upgrade alternative that offers plug and play compatibility with both legacy and new print applications. With powerful 24-pin technology, the LQ-590/2090 deliver precision text and graphics, with superior reliability, productivity and lower total cost of ownership. Compared to Okidata, the LQ-590 has a 20% longer ribbon life, while the LQ-2090 offers double the ribbon life. In addition, both the LQ-590 and the LQ-2090 have double the print head life of Okidata. With these superior features, Epson’s LQ-590/2090 offer ultimate reliability by reducing the need for frequent ribbon changes and print head replacements, resulting in less down time and significant savings over the life of the printer.

Features and Benefits

With versatile 5-part forms printing and multiple paper loading options, Epson’s LQ-590/2090 are ideally suited for automotive service and supply stores, furniture stores, home improvement and hardware stores, equipment rental stores, and any other retail environment where multipart forms printing is necessary and counter real estate is at a premium. Features include:

Ultra-fast Printing: With print speeds up to 529 cps, the LQ590/2090 are the fastest in their class. They speed through multipart forms, reports, labels and more.

Multiple Paper Loading Options: To conserve valuable counter real estate, the LQ-590/2090 provide four paper paths, accommodating cut sheet paper and continuous forms up to 5-parts thick, offering greater flexibility for various multipart forms printing.

High-Yield Ribbon Cartridge: The easy-to-install, 5 million (LQ-590) and 8 million (LQ-2090) character ribbon cartridges are 20% longer (LQ-590) and twice (LQ-2090) as long as Okidata, lowering cost per page and minimizing user intervention.

Advanced Print Head Quality: The LQ-590/2090 offer a 400 million-character print head life, twice as long as Okidata, to lower down time, while increasing TCO.

Quiet Operation: Convenient setting for whisper-quiet operation for more customer-friendly communications.

Simplified Set-up and Operation: User-friendly menu navigation allows quick and easy changes to printer settings. Remote Configuration Manager software facilitates easy setup via PC.

Seamless Integration & Availability

The LQ-590/2090 provide Parallel and USB interfaces, plus a slot for operational interface cards, including high-speed Ethernet, for greater compatibility with practically any system. Using both Epson and IBM printer languages, they are 100% compatible with legacy and new print applications. The LQ-590 and the LQ-2090 both carry a 3-year warranty and are immediately available through Epson’s designated reseller channels. For more information, visit