Even before a spouse
has started to process the devastating emotional shock and hurt, lawyers have
already begun to give advice about keeping diaries and records for evidence.
By the time the spouse begins to recover and take control over these records,
paper copies may have already been removed, lost or destroyed, and home
computer files may have been tampered with or deleted.

EVDense is a new Internet service that helps people easily store and
retrieve digital records in their moments of crisis. EVDense acts as a trusted
escrow agent to store electronic information in a secure digital account.
EVDense now gives you a secure digital diary for your evidence to keep your
thoughts private. You can create journal entries and store electronic
documents such as e-mails, voice mail, instant messages, taped conversations,
photos and/or videos.

Here’s what Tamara M. recently said about EVDense: “Wow! Finally, a FREE
safe place to keep all my evidence without having to worry about a snoop
finding it and destroying or using it to get one step ahead of me. Thanks,

Roger Yee, founder and Co-CEO of EVDense Corporation in Seattle, says,
“It is clear that electronic evidence has become hugely important in legal
cases. EVDense takes away this unfair advantage. Now you can empower yourself
by capturing evidence to win your case.”

EVDense is looking for people currently involved in a separation,
divorce, child custody dispute, who feel they can benefit immediately from
this service. To open a free account, visit www.evdense.com.