The life cycle of many of these
products is often less than one year; however it simply does not make sense to
dump your old equipment just because you no longer need it. Why not donate
your old computers to the Electronic Recycling Association so that we can
refurbish it and donate it to various charities and non-profit groups?

The Electronic Recycling Association ( is a non-profit
organization dedicated to reducing electronic waste through the reuse and
recycling of unwanted computers and related equipment. We provide a superior
service than other electronic recyclers in the fact that we attempt to reuse
the equipment as opposed to recycling it without checking to see if it still
works. The ERA will sort through your equipment and refurbish any items that
can be salvaged. We will then in turn donate it to various charities and
non-profit groups. We believe that the true key to sustainability for our
environment is to reuse this equipment rather than recycle it after its first

This week we will be donating to three charities in the Edmonton region.
The charities that will be benefiting on this occasion are: “Canadian Mental
Health”, “Alpha House” and “Project Adult Literacy Society”. These charities
simply do not have the budget to purchase their own computer equipment,
however we are in a position to be able to provide them with this equipment
and are glad to do so.

With the holiday season just around the corner, the ERA is requesting the
help of individuals, local businesses, schools and government departments so
that we can service the needs of our local charities over the busy holiday

We have an electronic depot location in Edmonton on 143rd Street, however
we can also provide a pick-up service for your older computers and