“Apple’s Xsan solution combines the speed and massive storage capabilities of a fibre-channel SAN with a cluster file system,” said David Coyle, president and software architect of Effective Software Inc. “A huge benefit of utilizing an Xsan system is this allows concurrent access to existing storage and eliminates restrictive storage silos. Another added benefit is Apple storage solutions are platform independent and are widely used with Windows, Solaris and Linux operating systems.”

Effective Software customizes Xsan services to each client’s specific requirements with relation to design, creation and ongoing maintenance.

According to recent technology trends, there has been an increase in video workflows due to the demand for high definition, which requires large storage capabilities. Medical imaging is another industry experiencing heavy implementation due to the fast access to high-resolution images that can be viewed at any time. Apple certified professionals specialize in creating storage area networks that are compatible with third-party products, which ultimately becomes a cost-effective measure. In addition, the Apple Xsan Administration Certification Program includes the following key components:

– Storage networking architectures and storage fundamentals
– SAN components and Fibre Channel topologies
– Xsan administration tool, virtualization and tiers of storage
– Data protection and SAN device management
– Planning SAN and troubleshooting strategies