If the research is true, by the time you are 35 years old, 95% of who you are is set: memorized behaviors, emotions, attitudes and perceptions will run automatically, just like a computer program. This leaves 5% of your conscious mind to run against 95%. That means change will only happen if the 5% influences the 95%. In other words, to make actual change, you need to reboot your thinking brain to go against your comfort zone that is constantly being reinforced by your current environment and habits – the 95%.

What are the odds that the 5% will win?

I do not know the scientific data, but what I know is that adapting is the first rule of survival. For the brain, adapting is learning. The first step to making change is gaining knowledge and information because every time you learn something new, you make a new connection in your brain. That is what learning is. Learning is forging new connections. Remembering is maintaining or sustaining those connections. Visualize this as you push the information from the 5% conscious mind into your 95% habit part of your brain to jump-start change.

Over many years, I have read and researched a ton on the topic of understanding and changing human behaviors. I understand the status quo usually prevails. I also understand that many people’s jobs depend on them maintaining the status quo regardless if they know what they are doing is not right. Can these people change? Yes, but the probability is low. There are people who would call an actual apple a banana, if you paid them enough. If you watch the news these days, you see plenty of examples.

The change that I would like to invoke is in the IT channel partner community to help them learn how to do better business practices and shed old bad habits. I believe if channel partners keep on doing the same things, expecting a different result, then they will eventually lose. And, time is running out to make the change! Many have already made progress and I see the success, their pride and an optimistic outlook for the future. I wish this for every channel partner!

We created 3 paths for channel partners to change from the old playbook to the new:

1.    Taste Change: Experience how a peer-to-peer group excels with the support of business experts. See how this important first step can help you solve some of your immediate pain points and improves business and life. Do the trial Elite 300 Mastermind program. Take the free best business practice assessment test. If this taste does not stimulate your 5% of brain to explore more, then keep on learning.

2.    Experience Change: Become a Bronze member of the Elite 300 Mastermind Program. Get a better dose of the change to improve. Hopefully your 5% will see the light and muster the strength to command the 95% of your brain to explore further and prove that change is the better way.

3.    Embrace Change: Become a Silver or Gold Member of the Elite 300 Mastermind program (based on the amount of time you can devote) to become the best possible. At this higher level, your 5% is gaining control of the 95% and making changes that will rewire everything. At this stage, there is no going back to the same old ways! You win!

For the IT Channel, the Elite 300 type of change is going to help them to future-proof their business, earn more money and actually have a happier life. If not Elite 300, then find your own way…

Imagining a better future, believing in its truth and actively seeking out knowledge is the fundamental framework to making real change that will lead you to achieving that better future! Creating the best life may require changing things up from time to time!

Ready to give the 5% of your brain the chance for change? Take the first step…Browse the Elite 300 website and let’s talk with no expectations, or come and experience it live at ChannelNext on Oct. 30-31 in British Columbia!