With its full-featured, enterprise-ready AS/400 capable terminal for $189, Devon IT is shaking up the thin client market. The NTA 6010E provides the most competitive features in this market and includes IBM AS/400 5250 emulations that provide an effective and efficient way of connecting to iSeries applications. The NTA 6010E also includes multi-session capability and Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA communication protocols.

Other features of the NTA 6010E thin client terminal include enhanced security with SSH, SSL, Kerberos, single sign on; support for 802.11B wireless connections; ability to display Unix and Linux XWindows applications; and full multimedia support with 3 USB, 2 Serial, 1 Parallel, 1 PCI, 2 PS/2 ports. These features provide an economical and powerful solution unparalleled in the thin client market.

“We have totally defined this market segment with our low-priced, full-featured line of NTA thin client terminals”, explained Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT. “Our terminals are enterprise-ready and half the price of competing products. The NTA 6010E offers customers an easy and affordable way to implement a secure thin-client solution with access to a broad range of applications and data. And at $189, the NTA 6010E is an unbeatable value.”

The NTA 6010E is available immediately at a price of US$189. Contact Devon IT to receive more information about NTA thin client terminals. Email [email protected] or call: 610-757-4110 or Toll-free Phone: 888-524-9382. Information is also available at www.ntavo.com