CyberKey Corporation, Inc. today made known its development road map for its CYBERKEY product line. CYBERKEY will spawn an important new product line to compliment previously announced plans for an end-to-end on-demand entertainment download service secured by CYBERKEY. The new CYBERKEY will be offered with an integrated MP3 player.

The new CYBERKEY MP3 will be initially offered in 64MB, 128MB and 256MB capacities, which will store and play approximately 15, 30 and 60 songs respectively. The CYBERKEY MP3 will have a maximum playback time of 8-12 hours from a single AAA alkaline battery. CYBERKEY MP3 will have a backlit LCD display, and an integrated FM Radio, equalizer, and repeat A-B mode functions.

Additionally the CYBERKEY MP3 will be equipped to provide high quality voice recording offering 4 hour 30 minute, 9 hour, and 18 hours of recording times for the three introductory models.

CYBERKEY MP3 will include all of the features that differentiate CYBERKEY from other USB flash appliances, and will add two new and important security functions: write protect On/Off switch and data encryption. The new CYBERKEY MP3 and new models of the CYBERKEY (128BM, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB) will provide 28-bit data encryption of all content.

“The new CYBERKEY MP3 is an exciting new addition to the CYBERKEY line of personal portable storage solutions. CyberKey developed CYBERKEY as a foundation technology for rights management, providing a rock solid DRM solution, and an equally strong user authentication tool, that the entertainment industry is embracing. The only two things we thought were missing for the ideal end user digital entertainment download appliance was an MP3 player and file encryption capabilities,” said Jim Plant, CyberKey Chairman and CEO. Plant continued, “By adding an MP3 player to the CYBERKEY we will be able to meet the simplicity standard Apple Computer’s iTunes/iPod combination have imposed on the music download industry, and is validated by their overwhelming acceptance from Apple and Windows PC users alike. CYBERKEY MP3 will allow users to eliminate the requirement to download music files, and then load new software to move downloaded music files to an MP3 player for playback. To playback a music file will be as simple as plugging in a CYBERKEY MP3 and downloading music tracks or dragging and dropping them from your PC to the CYBERKEY MP3 drive. We also think the ability for the CYBERKEY MP3 to record voice will enable people to email attached voice message files for business and personal use.”

CYBERKEY MP3 will come in blue, red and silver colors, with the original CYBERKEY in transparent blue.

With a CYBERKEY and CYBERKEY MP3, users can easily transport large amounts of music, video, data, files and software applications from any USB enabled computer to any other USB enabled device. CYBERKEY and CYBERKEY MP3 are “plug and play” devices that popular operating systems support without the need for user installed device drivers. A device roughly the size of an adult’s small finger, CYBERKEY and CYBERKEY MP3 can securely store up to two Gigabyte (2GB) of electronic content each which is protected using CyberKey DRM, data encryption and memory management implementations.