CustomerSat, Inc. today announced the general availability of the CustomerSat Enterprise 7 survey and analytics system. Enterprise 7 enables businesses to hear, analyze, and act on the voice of the customer through multiple channels, including speech-enabled Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and web, in addition to traditional phone interviews and paper questionnaires. CustomerSat’s support for these channels now extends to mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones.

“Multi-channel applications represent a tremendous opportunity as our society becomes increasingly mobile,” said Geoff Walker, mobile industry analyst and Technology Editor for Pen Computing Magazine.   “With Enterprise 7, CustomerSat is leading the market research industry towards the improved response rates, satisfaction and loyalty that multi-channel customer feedback enables.”

Feedback Anytime, Anywhere

Enterprise 7 extends CustomerSat’s comprehensive, hosted application to address the multi-channel feedback needs of large enterprises.   New support for wireless Palm, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile-based devices enables companies to survey customers on the road and employees in the field.   A customer can complete a survey immediately after a service experience, for example, while riding in a taxi or waiting in line at the airport after checking out of a hotel.   One CustomerSat client uses BlackBerry PDAs with CustomerSat Enterprise for customer intercept interviews.  

Speech-enabled IVR allows companies to automate many conventional phone interviews and substantially reduce labor costs.   It also allows customers to respond to surveys at any time, not just when interviewers call.   When used with hands-free cell phones, speech-enabled IVR allows customers to respond to surveys even when driving to work or taking a stroll.

Speech-enabled IVR interprets and digitizes customers’ spoken ratings and rankings, and records and stores customers’ verbatim comments as audio (.wav) files.   Customers may also provide their responses through their telephone keypad.   Audio file storage and playback from within Enterprise 7 enables managers to hear verbatim comments in a customer’s own words and tone of voice.   All survey results can use CustomerSat’s powerful online analytics, dashboards, and Action Management along with feedback gathered through other channels.

“Enterprises serious about customer loyalty gather feedback by whatever means and at any time their customers wish,” explained John Chisholm, Chairman and CEO, CustomerSat.   “CustomerSat Enterprise 7 enables companies to gather feedback from customers anytime, anywhere.   It also allows those organizations to design and implement the most cost-effective feedback systems overall and achieve the highest survey response rates.”

To maximize response rates, Enterprise 7 can automatically escalate survey invitations across channels.   For example, customers who do not respond to online surveys within a certain number of days can be transferred to call center agents for phone interviewing.

Other New Enterprise 7 Features

Among other new features, CustomerSat Enterprise 7 allows companies to access results within CustomerSat from a CRM system, such as or PeopleSoft, simply by clicking a link. Enterprise 7 also delivers powerful analytics capabilities, deeper email management features, faster data loading capabilities, powerful security and performance, and increased international capabilities.