We’ve all seen the ads and heard about it on
the news, but can any of us answer what the heck satellite radio really is?

Well, this Holiday season, Best Buy is ready to help you answer that question
and likely add yet another gift to your shopping list.

Satellite radio is the hottest product this Holiday season, literally
changing the way Canadians listen to their radios and offers a little
something for everyone. From your Uncle Joe who drives a truck for a living to
your 12-year old daughter Sarah, who just has to know all of the coolest music
to your Boss who insists you stay up-to-date on all the news, satellite radio
is the answer.

“Satellite radio is one of those products that really makes listening fun
again,” says Mike Pratt VP & Business Group Leader for Best Buy. “We
understand that customers have a lot of questions and our knowledgeable Best
Buy staff are excited to explain the benefits of satellite radio in our no
pressure, non-commission shopping environment.”

What is it?

Satellite radio is the latest in the ever-changing world of radio. A
subscription-based service that broadcasts signals from thousands of miles out
in space, it offers commercial free listening with up to 100 specialty
stations depending which provider you choose. Whether you are a sports
fanatic, a music buff or a news junkie, satellite radio has it. In addition,
the streaming format of satellite radio means you will never be bothered with
commercials, commentary or any other unwanted interruptions.

Who’s it for?

The Sports Fanatic: With a number of sports-only stations, Canadians will
never miss their favourite team’s game – whatever their preferred sport. A
number of stations offer play-by-play action, sports talk and athlete

The Travelling Enthusiast: Whether you’re taking that long-awaited road
trip with your family or travelling from town-to-town on business, satellite
radio lets you listen to your favourite stations from Vancouver to St. John’s,

The Music Snob: We all know one – you know those people who hate
everything the regular radio plays and always need to know about the coolest
new artists before anyone else. With dozens of different music stations,
satellite radio has a station for every kind of music snob.

The News Junkie: Satellite radio is the perfect solution for those who
are in the need to know all the time. With specialty news channels from all
around the world, it can keep the biggest news junkie informed.

The best way to figure out if satellite radio is the solution to your
Holiday shopping woes is to head down to your local Best Buy store and one of
the friendly ‘Blue Shirts’ will set you up with a system to fit all your
Holiday needs.