Newtek Business Services, The Small Business Authority, announced the release of Adobe ColdFusion 10 web hosting plans as part of its growing suite of hosting products now powered by the company’s high-performance cloud infrastructure. In addition, Newtek has engineered a custom environment specifically for ColdFusion, which significantly increases the reliability of the platform in shared-hosting environments.

“Due to the level of expertise and skill required to reliably support ColdFusion in a shared-hosting environment, some hosting providers have dropped their support for the popular software development platform,” said President and CEO Barry Sloane. “Newtek, on the other hand, has doubled down on our commitment to ColdFusion and its development community. We understand the challenges of delivering the service to a multi-tenant computing environment, and as a result of our extensive experience, we were able to go back to the drawing board with Adobe’s latest iteration, ColdFusion 10, and address the pain points in a completely new way. We are now able to offer a much more reliable solution for ColdFusion web sites and applications in a low-cost, shared-hosting environment.”

Newtek’s new cloud environment for ColdFusion provides redundancy using dual ColdFusion instances, which are load-balanced and have session replication going between them. This empowers Newtek system administrators to do a number of things that weren’t possible before: it allows for graceful restarts on individual instances without having to bring down the service, and provides a better way to address “bad neighbors,” who would otherwise, perhaps due to bad code, impact the performance of other tenants in the environment.

Newtek has been a longtime supporter of the ColdFusion platform and its development community, and has offered ColdFusion hosting plans for nearly a decade, starting with version 4.0.