People interested in photography seem to have similar interests and desires. They want to know how to create digital images that have great color, low noise, excellent sharpness, beautiful tone range, and they want to do it quickly and within a reasonable budget. Amateurs especially want to enhance their digital photographs in the easiest manner possible, without having to learn the ins-and-outs of complicated photo manipulation software.

Today, ClearHeart announced the market release of its software product, PhotoGia, a set of Actions for Adobe Photoshop®. PhotoGia pre-defined Actions can be executed within Photoshop to quickly and easily complete dozens of commands to enhance photographs to professional levels.

“Anyone who is involved with digital photography, whether as a profession or as a hobby, knows that several adjustments must often be made to a digital image before it can be used for presentation or printing,” said Andrew Yates, a professional photographer ( in Austin, Texas, who was involved in the pre-launch testing of the PhotoGia product. “With PhotoGia I was able to simplify the process of enhancing portraits, landscapes, and other images which created better photographs in less time, thereby saving an average of $1200 a month in computer retouching expenses.”

Digital images, whether captured from digital camera or scanner, often require the careful and skilled application of numerous enhancement techniques before they can be used for presentation or printing. This is a process which requires a great amount of time, experience, and trial-and-error and is usually handled by experienced software users.

With PhotoGia, consumers and professionals no longer have to worry about whether they’ve executed all the necessary photo editing steps and completed them in the correct order to improve their digital images. What sets PhotoGia apart from other products is that its Actions can be run according to the type or genre of the digital image being enhanced. For example, by selecting the “Portrait” Action, an appropriate amount of Sharpening, Noise Reduction, Mid-Tone Adjustment, White Point Adjustment, Black Point Adjustment, and finally Color Adjustment is done for a portrait. Similar Actions are available for a wide range of photo enhancement techniques including: Landscape, Sports, Family Snapshots, Products, Wedding, and Dramatic Sky.

“Whether correcting a single photograph or running PhotoGia in batch-processing mode, users will appreciate how PhotoGia dramatically simplifies the image enhancement process,” said Skip Jones, President of ClearHeart.

PhotoGia retails for $199.99. As part of the market introduction, the software can be purchased from now until July 15, 2004 for $99.99 at PhotoGia is compatible with Macintosh and PC.