Cisco Systems reaffirm their relationship with Trend Micro
Incorporated by announcing the signing of an agreement to extend Trend
Micro security services incorporated into Cisco’s network infrastructure

The agreement advances the two companies’ relationship, which started
in 2004 when they began plans to incorporate Trend Micro’s content
security services into Cisco’s Adaptive Security Appliance family. In
addition to the Cisco ASA collaboration, Trend Micro became one of
Cisco’s first Network Admission Control partners. Under this agreement,
the companies now will work closely on integrating additional content
security services into Cisco’s routing offerings.

In addition, as part of the two companies’ ongoing collaboration, Trend
Micro has delivered Trend Micro’s Damage Cleanup Services for Cisco’s
Mitigation, Analysis and Response System to further the vision of
Cisco’s Self-Defending Network. This services and enhances collaborative
protection and incident response across enterprise networks.

“Our work with Trend Micro will continue to support our Self-Defending
Network vision and enhances our ability to provide end-to-end security
that combines network, application, and content protection,” said Tom
Russell, senior director of product management for Cisco’s Security
Technology Group. “We are happy to continue collaborating with Trend

“Trend Micro is very pleased with the momentum we are building with
Cisco Systems. Through the strengthening of our relationship with Cisco,
we are continuing to further the delivery of security within the network
infrastructure,” said Punit Minocha, vice president of business
development for Trend Micro. “Our shared commitment to provide the most
comprehensive and flexible network security solutions enables us to help
protect customers against new classes of threats that are increasingly
unpredictable and complex.”

CS-MARS, Damage Cleanup Services Pricing and Availability

Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Services for Cisco Security MARS is
available directly from Trend Micro starting at $2,000 per year in North
America, renewed annually. Damage Cleanup Services will be priced
according to the CS-MARS appliance purchased by the customer.