I have been asked many times how best to describe what’s currently happening in the business leadership community during these mind-blowing times. I think of it as a 5-lane highway…

By now, most companies have settled into one of the lanes. Which lane are you in? Which lane is best for you? Are you ready to change your lane?

This can be applied to just about any business, so master it and use it as you see fit (my little gift to you)…


Business leaders who are scared, confused, lost or just flat broken down have pulled over and parked onto the right shoulder. Help is not coming anytime soon, but they are too afraid to keep on driving. Stopping on the right shoulder will only allow all competitors (even the very slow ones) to catch up and eventually overtake. This is the obvious bad lane.

2. The Far RIGHT LANE:

This is for the slow and steady drivers. Many are low risk takers and followers who pretend to be leaders. Ever noticed the person who drives even slower in the right lane than all the others. That’s who you are following! It will take much longer to arrive at your destination. Not a good business lane if you want to reach your goals faster.


When drivers finally become frustrated in following all of the slower cars in the right lane, they tend to change into the middle lane to start overtaking. They always have the option to change back into the right lane or just keep carrying on passing everyone slow and steady. Eventually the middle lane can also get clogged as more try merge onto this lane. This is good and safe business lane to be in.


Business leaders who want to accelerate faster will change into the left lane. Even if this lane has higher risks, they prefer to move with the faster drivers. These leaders simply do not want to be stuck waiting behind any slower driver. Some are even pushing other left-lane drivers to go faster or get out of their way. Don’t you just hate the drivers who go slow in the left lane :o).


Then, there is the super high-risk of driving on the left shoulder. These business leaders just want to zoom pass everyone and willing to take the highest risks. They see everyone, including fast drivers as way too slow. The smartest ones are always ready to swerve back into the left lane if they see danger up ahead. You will get where you want to go faster but beware of the added risks. Better have fast reflexes!

Find your lane or ask us for some advice!

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As you probably know by now, every month we focus on a different tech theme on eChannelNEWS and ChannelNEXT Virtual Channel Events. Next up is “Managed Services” on August 26!

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