Hundreds of channel partners fill in the assessment every year. The vast majority (73%) gives up after completing half of the assessment. Some look at the 200 questions, panic and just close the window. However, it seems that many do browse the questions and complete on their own terms.

It does not matter to us what you decide to do! It’s only for your benefit and we do not judge.

Our goal is to simply to help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can improve your business practices and keep the channel a vibrant marketplace! Currently taking the assessment has been free for over 5 years. That may change in the future to make it self-sustainable, but until then, enjoy the free benefits.

Each year, we reach out to everyone in the target country to invite them to complete the assessment. Channel partners from all over the world are already filling out the assessment. We have several 5X winners in Britain in 2020, so every year those who decide to do the work, do get bigger benefits.

This is our little gift to the channel that has been so good to us for over 30 years. Plus, it’s a great excuse for me to come to London during the Holiday Season! I now have many British friends!

Why this assessment matters?

At its core, you get to ask yourself and team 200 questions that really matter. It has noting to do about products or brands or your sales volume. It has all to do with the way you conduct your business.

If you were to hire a professional business consultant, then these would be the type of questions that they would include in their assessment of your company. And, based on the answers, they would make recommendations to improve. Well, this self-serve online assessment and its AI algorithm does a similar job and it does not cost you thousands of pounds. It’s FREE!

Based on your answers, the algorithm gives a score that we combine with some additional social media and digital asset reviews of the applicant. Instead of giving numbers, it simply gives an indication of RED, YELLOW and GREEN for each completed section. As humans, we all know what this means and just knowing this is enough for anyone to make improvements.

During this pandemic, best practices paid off for those who followed the path!

Here are just some of the comments from the 2020 winners and I quote:

“helped people pivot to WFH”

“Worked on improving our processes. Times like this that shows you why it’s important”

“We were resilient and adapted quickly”

“Learned that I have an amazing team who helped their clients go through the massive shift”

“Look beyond the numbers and see the human and go back to personal angle”

“Everyone is moving to the cloud and taking servers out of buildings”

“So those efforts to move clients to the Cloud over the last few years has been fruitful

keep current customers happy”

“Got to know colleagues on a more personal level”

“Grateful that the IT industry has not been decimated like other industries were”

“We have encouraged our staff to come back to office and made it possible and safe for them to do so”

“Learned never let your wife cut your hair!”

“Tying to be more proactive and be prepared for all the scenarios – always be ahead of the game”

“I may NOT need a bigger office after all”

“Cybersecurity will remain the hot topic in 2021”

“Look after your staff, your customers and keep them safe”

“Looking to offer identical experience for work whether at home or at the office”

“Lesson is that everyone can move to the Cloud”

This award matters! If you want to know why, take the challenge for next year and see if you have what it takes. When you hold one of these in your hands, you will understand why it may be one of the most important recognition a channel partner can receive.

Here are some of the winners who attended the Awards Ceremony:

Aztech IT Solutions
Basic Business Systems – 5th time Winner!
First Solution
First Stop IT
Grant McGregor
Kerbury Business Centre
Marshall Info-Tech
No Problem Managed IT
Okapi Technology
Ratcliff IT
Team Metalogic
The PC Support Group – 5th time winner!
ThinkCloud – 5th time Winner

Special thanks to MSPs that have already completed the assessment test.

If any channel partner want to dig in to improve their business year over year, then I have one very powerful option.

Join a peer group. Any peer group is better than no peer group!

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