Bluestream Database Software Corp. announced today the release of its XStreamDB™ 3.1 native XML DBMS.

XStreamDB™ 3.1 is a native XML database management server optimized for efficient, high-speed storage and retrieval of XML documents and data. It features robust transaction architecture, the powerful XQuery query language with update extensions, XML Schema support, and super-fast full-text indexing and search. XStreamDB™ 3.1 is a device and operating system independent platform Native XML database server built on Pure Java® technology that is easily deployed and requires minimal administration. The included XStreamDB™ Explorer application can be used for ad hoc queries and browsing the database. The WebDAV connector provides for file and folder views of documents in the database, making them accessible to XML editors such as Blast Radius, XMetaL® and Altova XMLSpy®.

Listen and listening to what our customers have to say:

D’Arcy Norman, Software Developer, Learning Commons – University of Calgary, Calgary

“I evaluated the available XML database solutions, including commercial products (Tamino, X-Hive, XStreamDB, Oracle), open source projects (eXistDB, Xindice), and even our own custom code (MySQL + PHP). None came close to the ease of use offered by XStreamDB™, and few were able to offer the mature XQuery implementation (Bluestream is on the W3C working group for XQuery, so it’s got to be pretty solid). XStreamDB™ performs like the big guys, for a lot less money $3000.00 US. I’ve implemented searching functionality in a web application using the Java API in under an hour. It just doesn’t get better than that. The folks at Bluestream are extremely responsive, and it was great to be able to provide them feedback on the product.”

Dennis Picha, Chief Executive Officer, Portarius Corporation, Chicago

“We are thrilled with the ease of integration of XStreamDB into our Health Connections Networks technical architecture. The technology forms the foundation of our unique distributed clinical document repositories. The Bluestream team has been extremely supportive in helping us get our solution to market and insuring that we have a solid and scalable solution for our Customers.”

Rob Tan, Senior Consultant, Architecture & Policy Group, Broadlane Inc., San Francisco

“At Broadlane, our Contract Management System uses XStreamDB to store deltas made to our business objects. Not only does this give us versioned objects but also allows us to quickly retrieve information such as who made what changes to what sections of a business object and when a change was made and approved. Our experience with XStreamDB has been exceptionally good. We are pleased with the responsiveness of the product and the high quality of technical support from Bluestream.”