Bitstream Inc. announced today that it is releasing its eighth set of fonts from the New Font Collection (NFC) program. The new release features display and text fonts from designers Julien Janiszewski, Lorenzo Lalatta, Rob Leuschke, and Harry Pears and Margaret Layson.

The following typefaces are featured in the NFC release for the first quarter of 2004:
—Ambiance, by Rob Leuschke
—Indoo, Indoo Italic, and Indoo Ornament, by Julien Janiszewski
—Lindisfarne Nova Incised and Lindisfarne Runes, by Harry Pears and Margaret Layson
—Orchestra, by Lorenzo Lalatta

All fonts are available in PostScript Type 1 and TrueType formats for both Windows and the Macintosh. Ambiance is available in OpenType format, which is supported in Mac OS X and Windows XP and 2000.

Fonts are available for purchase:
—On the Web:
—By phone: 800-522-3668 (U.S. only) or 617-497-6222
—By fax: 617-868-0784
—By e-mail: [email protected]

“These additions to the Bitstream New Font Collection include new fonts from veteran NFC designers and the debut font of an Italian illustrator and Web designer,” explains Jim Lyles, Director of Typographic Development at Bitstream. “This release offers Lorenzo Lalatta’s very first typeface, Orchestra BT, a whimsical melding of Latin letterforms with the shapes of musical instruments and musicians that shows his roots in comic illustration to good advantage. We are pleased to welcome another new contributor as well, established font designer and calligrapher Rob Leuschke of St Charles, Missouri. Rob’s typeface Ambiance is an elegant calligraphic design that includes capital and lowercase swash letters. Ambiance is the first font Bitstream has released in the OpenType format. Rounding out this release are the charming Indoo typeface family from French font designer Julien Janiszewski, inspired by shop signage in the Indian neighborhoods of Paris, and two new additions to the Lindisfarne Nova family, Lindisfarne Nova Incised and Lindisfarne Runes, by Australians Harry Pears and Margaret Layson of Typeface Research Pty. Ltd. The NFC continues to thrive on the inspired works of these and other veteran designers and to seek new designers from across the globe.”