While early leaders in the online video field like YouTube and MySpace have been living off the “copyright infringement” fat of the land, BiggyTV has built a site that tackles the issues of copyright protection, metric tracking for advertisers, revenue sharing for content owners, and a strategy that separates them from the pack. It is a syndication model that lets web site owners earn a share of the revenue for putting a BiggyTV Viral Player on their homepage.

Kyle Borg, Co-Founder and President of BiggyTV notes, “BiggyTV is a multi- channel entertainment network, not a single theme destination portal. Because of this, we have made agreements with several large content owners to syndicate their programming. We are an add-on for content owner’s online distribution efforts. We don’t dilute their audience, in fact we bring their content to an audience they might never have reached making BiggyTV one of the most diversified video sites online.”

Web publishers join as affiliates through a series of questions in the registration process providing information about their web site, user base and the type of content they would like to make available to their users. Next, web publishers receive a small piece of code that inserts a viral player on the affiliate’s home page. From that point BiggyTV sends promotional spots and trailers of new content to entice users to watch a variety of short and long form videos.

Viewers will not find BiggyTV programming at http://www.biggytv.com/; viewers come to BiggyTV through affiliate viral players. This allows BiggyTV to customize programming, present filtered content based upon demographics, control copyrights and gives advertisers the confidence that their ads are running with legal and quality programming. In addition, this allows BiggyTV to expand its viewer base by thousands of users rather than one at a time.

BiggyTV assists affiliates with marketing and promotes videos on their sites through various traditional marketing outlets, co-op marketing dollars, targeted online banners and the BiggyTV Viral player.

Mr. Borg adds, “We have the benefit of a partnership with top ad agency owner, Mark Shoolery, a dominant force for the past 25 years in Entertainment Marketing. We feel it is important to utilize traditional entertainment marketing tactics as well as online viral campaigns.”

Mr. Shoolery has produced award-winning campaigns for many of Hollywood movie studios including Columbia Tri-Star, New Line Cinema, Universal and Warner Bros; cable channels including HBO, Lifetime, TNT and the Disney Channel. In addition, Mr. Shoolery’s company, Shoolery Design, served as the print agency of record ushering CBS through its ratings explosion from 2002 to 2005 and earning Mr. Shoolery’s agency multiple advertising awards.

BiggyTV will be launching similar affiliate campaigns with its business development partners in Australia and New Zealand in late April 2007 and will move into Europe and S.E. Asia in the summer of 2007. This expansion includes a joint venture that will bring BiggyTV programming to mobile devices in the US and other markets.

Mr. Borg said, “BiggyTV will be announcing its most recent deals with content owners in a few weeks. We have redefined the ‘must see’ night into a ‘BiggyTV Day,’ referring to BiggyTV’s release of new content each Tuesday, from producers of well-known college pranksters to stories of the paranormal; from travels to another place to shopping in your home; from an insider’s look at Hollywood to the ‘hang suite’ with tomorrow’s breakout urban talent, BiggyTV Tuesdays will be there rain or shine, sweeps or repeats. There is always something new for you on BiggyTV.”