Building on Mac OS X version 10.4 “Tiger” innovations such as Spotlight, Dashboard and Automator, Apple Remote Desktop 3 is a Universal application optimized to take advantage of the power of Intel-based Macs with more than 50 new features that deliver improvements in software distribution, asset management and remote assistance.

“With Apple Remote Desktop 3, we’ve delivered powerful innovations that make it even easier and more affordable to manage Macs,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Product Marketing. “Great new features such as remote Spotlight searching and customized Automator actions take advantage of innovations in Tiger and make Apple Remote Desktop 3 a valuable tool for anyone managing more than one Mac.”

Apple Remote Desktop 3 offers a wide range of high performance desktop management features including lightning-fast Spotlight searches across multiple Tiger systems; over 30 Automator actions for easily automating repetitive system administration tasks; a Dashboard Widget that provides quick and convenient observation of remote systems; and AutoInstall for installing software automatically on mobile systems when they return online.

Other new features in Apple Remote Desktop 3 include:

— System Status Indicators that let administrators quickly check the
overall health of multiple systems at a glance

— Power Copy files up to 11 times faster than with Apple Remote Desktop

— Remote Drag and Drop files and folders between local and remote

— Remote Copy and Paste for simple transfer of text and images between
local and remote computers;

— Persistent Task History and Task Templates to make it easy to save and
replicate repetitive tasks;

— Curtain Mode to hide the desktop of a system while it is being
controlled remotely;

— Application Usage and User History Reports to track software compliance
and monitor the use of unauthorized applications;

— Smart Computer Lists for dynamically managing systems based on
specified criteria; and

— AES 128-bit encryption for secure communications between Apple Remote
Desktop 3 and clients.